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See What Other Diners Think of Our Dishes

Diners who decide to experience Vietnam with us at Vietnam Palace Restaurant feel welcomed and leave with their hunger satisfied. Read our diner testimonials to find out why.

Reasonable Prices

“Would definitely go back! Food was really good and the server was very friendly. Prices are also really reasonable.”

—Audrey-Anne C.

Excellent, Great Service

“Best Vietnamese restaurant in Ottawa. As usual, the food was excellent, great service. I was introduced to the Vietnamese hot coffee for the first time..Mmmmm it was so, so good. I will always have it from now on. Looking forward to my next visit!”

—Sylvie O.

Delicious Food

“It is the best restaurant in Somerset Street I have tried so far. Delicious food, clean place, comfortable seats and good customer service. Prices are fair too.”

—Karen F.

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